Word Bird


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🐘 Elephant: How can we make 🔤 English fun and easy for 👦👧 young learners in 🇰🇷 Korea?
🥚 *crack*
🐭 Mouse: Just download a bunch of 📊 PowerPoint games!
🥚 *crack* 🥚 *crack*
🐘 Elephant: No, 🐭 Mouse! We always do that!
🥚 *crack* 🥚 *crack* 🥚 *crack*
🐭 Mouse: Then what can we do?
🐣 *chirp*
🐘‼ 🐭‼
🐥 Word Bird: I know! We can make it fun and easy for 👨‍🏫👩‍🏫 teachers, with games and activities from 🗨🐤 wordbird.kr!
🐭Elephant & Mouse: 😮 Wow! That’s a great 💡 idea!

Grab & Grow ABC Garden

Play the original alphabet-gardening computer game with your students today!
Your students will love playing it together, and can even play it at home!
Perfect for grades 3 & 4!
Teachers and students can download it for free, HERE! 👉 wordbirdkids.com!

Alphabet Flashcards

Print textbook-quality alphabet flashcards for use in your grade 3 classroom!
Easily print from a single PDF document.
Specially designed for use with Grab & Grow ABC Garden!
Download them for free, HERE! 👇

Alphabet Flashcards (30 downloads)

Bingo Card Generator

Make bingo cards for your classroom.
Use emoji to make fun bingo cards that your students will love!
Find it HERE! 👉 Bingo Card Generator

Word Search Generator

Print word search puzzles for your classroom.
Find it HERE! 👉 Word Search Generator